Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moon Over Mahattan

By the light of the moon

The full moon rose over the Hudson.  Started out as an orange orb, then whitened as it rose above the buildings. A tall 3-masted ship sailed by.  Wonderful.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

River View

The Hudson River has been providing us with wonderful entertainment.  We look out our front window and see huge cruise ships, tour boats, sailboats (large and small), yachts, kayaks, and even paddleboarders.  And of course, the ferries.  I love how the ferries always seem to be hustling along:  to Hoboken, to 39th Street, and to the World Financial Center, among other places. There's a ferry landing right in front of our building, and  Mark and I have a made a game of counting how many people get on and off.

The river is a mile wide at this point, and we love using our binoculars to watch the boats and to look at the buildings in Manhattan.  Google has been helpful to us in identifying some of the buildings.  We are directly across from Canal Street, but can see down to Battery Park to the south and up to the Empire State Building to the north.  Using one of the mirrors our landlord placed by the window, we are able to see all the way up to the George Washington Bridge.